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Can I Access Office 365 After I Graduate

If you've been using Office 365 as a student at Pearland ISD you may well have downloaded Office apps like Word and Excel to your own computer or devices, or you may be using OneDrive to store files online. You're able to do this because Pearland ISD purchased a license for our students and staff to use it all for free.  

This access will change when you leave the district.  You will remain as part of the Pearland's student group for approximately one month after you graduate, meaning your access to email and your One Drive files will stay as it was while you were a student on a temporary basis.  When this expires, you will have limited access to the software, leaving you with reduced functionality - you'll be able to access and read your files but not edit them.  We recommend you download all your files and transfer them to your personal computer, portable storage or cloud storage.

How to Download Multiple Files from Office 365

Here is a solution if you already have a personal OneDrive: